Are Your Sales Training Goals Changing with the Market?

Are Your Sales Training Goals Changing with the Market?

The market has shifted once again. Gone are the days of taking orders.

The variables may be slightly different but the net result of a hot market cooling always brings to bare basic sales skills that are out of practice and somehow forgotten.

This begs the question, what do your sales training goals look like now? There’s no shortage of factors you and your sales team cannot control. Buyer uncertainty and anxiety are at an all-time high.

How can you ensure your team is prepared for the new market?

What tends to happen in a “hot” market is people get busy. Sales leaders and agents are slammed with admin and backlog work. Sales training and skill development often go by the wayside as we are likely to focus on sales results rather than sales behaviors.

All of a sudden, our sales team must be more than order-takers. They have to sell! Now, I’m not saying everyone out there has forgotten how to execute in order to help our buyers make the best decision possible, but I think you’ll agree many sales professionals will struggle to get back up to speed on some of the basic skills required to achieve the customer’s mission.

If you have doubts, here’s a way to gauge this. Most new home builders have an interest list with what seems to be an infinite list of names. Take a look at a handful of samples on your list. What information do you have about these people beyond names, phone numbers, and email addresses? When was the most recent dialogue with these people (dialogue meaning a two-way conversation)? How many of these people are still buyers?

What if 50-75% of these people are not buyers and the remaining ones now have a new set of concerns that you haven’t yet addressed but will need to before they would ever close on a home?

Is your team prepared to confidently and clearly address your buyers’ concerns, so your sales not only survive this changing market but thrive?

The good news is that you have time, albeit not much, but there should be a little time for you to be proactive and explore what you need to to ensure your sales team will continue selling homes even in this market.

Here are some ideas to consider when prepping your team for a cooling market.

The only better time to be thinking about your team’s development was yesterday. You can’t control the market, but you can absolutely control the action plan to ensure you and your team are ready for what’s next. I would encourage you to be purposeful and set aside time this week to start planning for this if you haven’t already. 

If you’re looking for a resource who has experience doing this with new home sales teams, please reach out to our Director of Sales, Lindsay Ayala to schedule a consultation and learn more about ourTransformational Training partnerships.

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