10 best giveaways for trade shows

10 best giveaways for trade shows

Trade shows are an exciting and cost-effective opportunity to meet new prospects, gain brand impressions and snag high-quality leads. Meeting a prospect at a trade show costs approximately $142 compared to meeting someone at their office, which costs about $259.

How do you stand out as an organization amidst a sea of others vying for buyers’ attention? Spoiler alert: It’s with the best giveaways for trade shows. Here’s the inside scoop on the most popular trade show promotional giveaways to draw a crowd and help attendees remember you:

Chilly autumn breezes and dry winter air make lip balm an indispensable trade show giveaway. Hand out cube moisturizers to people who stop by to talk with booth staff. As they use their lip balm throughout the day, they’ll be reminded of your brand. Keep balm travelers on your table for easy access for anyone who walks by. As people travel home, they’ll take your brand with them.

Stand out with an environmentally friendly reusable bag. Plus, a tote bag makes it easy for recipients to carry your other handouts. They’ll carry your bag around the event like a walking billboard for your brand. A zippered tote is especially useful while a stylish utility toteis sturdy enough to carry anything from clothes to tools. Recipients will be reminded of your brand every time they use their tote at home or work.

For a budget-friendly trade show promo item, keychains are a winner. Clients and prospects will appreciate a multi-tool keychain, which features an LED flashlight, tire tread measuring gauge and slide-out window scraper with rubber squeegee. Or give a light-up charging cable keychain with multiple connectors.

A puzzle is one of the best promotional items for trade shows because it’s creative and fun. Assorted Cube Puzzles are easy for recipients to slip into their bag and pull out whenever they need a brain break. An Auto-Botic Puzzle can be shaped into a car, robot and anything else they can think of. It’s a unique gift recipients will enjoy keeping on their desk—all while displaying your logo.

Wireless speakers are a top trade show giveaway sure to bolster engagement. Hold a raffle for a coveted speaker that’s compact, useful and easy to travel with. Recipients can use a floating Bluetooth speaker during all seasons and in all places, whether on the boat in the summer or while cleaning the house in the winter. Or hand out a Bluetooth Speaker Vacuum Tumbler to promising prospects. With a cup that can play music, your brand is sure to make a splash!

In this digital world, paper wall calendars are still popular. In fact, the wall calendar industry is expected to grow 3.5% each year until 2026. Calendars make great trade show promotional giveaways because they keep your logo in front of recipients for months—literally. The national wall calendar gives recipients a reason to celebrate every day. Passersby will want to stop and snag a wildlife art wall calendar.

A classic trade show promo item that never goes out of style, a vacuum bottle can quench their thirst while feeding their hunger to learn more. Or hand out something a little different, like a vacuum tumbler. Other attendees will be sure to ask where they got their item, so be sure to have plenty on hand!

First-aid kits may not be the first thing that comes to mind and that’s exactly why they will help you stand out. Other booths won’t have them! Useful first-aid kits can be stored in a car or desk.

Phone grips are so popular that Popsockets—the company that made phone grips all the craze—became a $170-million-dollar company in less than 10 years. Handing out slim grips or Popsockets Pop Grips can get people to flock to your booth, opening multiple opportunities for staff to connect with attendees.

Everybody gets a charge out of items that keep their phones juiced up. A Cylinder Power Bank or a Qi®-certified wireless charging pad makes an impressive giveaway. Attendees can keep their power bank in their bag for emergencies, resulting in your brand making countless more impressions.

Stand out from all the other exhibitors with these 10 best giveaways for trade shows. No matter what industry you’re in, recipients are bound to remember your brand for all the right reasons.

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