October 10, 2022 Content Chat Recap: What It Takes to Be a Content Entrepreneur [Creator Economy Benchmark Research] What It Takes To Be A Content Entrepreneur

October 10, 2022 Content Chat Recap: What It Takes to Be a Content Entrepreneur [Creator Economy Benchmark Research] What It Takes To Be A Content Entrepreneur

October 10, 2022 Content Chat Recap: What It Takes to Be a Content Entrepreneur [Creator Economy Benchmark Research]
October 17, 2022
by Alek Irvin Leave a Comment
More people are finding that part- or full-time content creation work gives them much-needed flexibility and independence, and many brands need this type of support. Being a content entrepreneur in any capacity can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but there are common challenges these writers face with reaching their communities and monetizing their work.
To help you assess if becoming a content entrepreneur is the right move for you and to set you up for success, in this  #ContentChat recap we explain what it takes to be a content entrepreneur with Ann Gynn ( @AnnGynn ), a speaker, consultant, and principal at G Force Communication .
We share our own experiences and dig into The Tilt’s 2022 Creator Economy Benchmark Research , which surveyed more than 1,000 content creators to find out what motivates them and how to build a successful content business. Read the full recap below to learn:
The top channels for content creators to reach their communities
Solutions to common content creation challenges
The trends that will shape the future of how we work
Q1: What motivates someone to be a full-time content creator? How or why did they get into the field?
Per the research, independence and flexibility are top motivators for full-time creators. Part-time creators more commonly view content as a passion project or hobby.
A1a: Full-time creators are motivated by independence and flexibility. They like the ability to create their own schedule and not have to follow an employer’s demands and parameters. #ContentChat pic.twitter.com/oZVuh19Veg
— Michelle Ngome  (@MichelleNgome) October 10, 2022
Newsletters may make the top 10 next year.
Oh… and newsletters. Hmmm maybe they will show up on next years report? #contentchat https://t.co/4XkpX40nQC
— The Tilt (@TheTiltNews) October 10, 2022
Now, let’s look at the top revenue channels for content entrepreneurs…
A2: It’s interesting that top outreach (marketing) channels were not the same as the top revenue channels. #contentchat
— Ann Gynn (@anngynn) October 10, 2022
Q3: Which channels do content creators use to monetize content creation?
Consulting/coaching is the top revenue stream for content entrepreneurs, followed by online courses/workshops. Books, affiliate/marketing links, and speaking engagements round out the top five channels.
A3a: Consulting/coaching is the top revenue stream, with 62% of #ContentEntrepreneurs doing that. Online courses/workshops are second, with 39% providing that service. #ContentChat pic.twitter.com/wmsIMisfCE
— Michelle Ngome  (@MichelleNgome) October 10, 2022
The research focuses on content creators. What can businesses learn from this data?
Interesting – this is more for “creators” vs businesses. Wondering if and how the two could learn from each other? #contentchat
— Amy Higgins (@amywhiggins) October 10, 2022
Q4: What are the top challenges faced by content entrepreneurs?
The top challenges faced by full-time content entrepreneurs include making sure content gets found, monetizing content, and marketing their business.
A4: Creators also operate in an odd space. They do #ContentMarketing and they monetize content products. So there’s a lot of overlap. It’s very meta (not Meta). #ContentChat
— Ann Gynn (@anngynn) October 10, 2022
Part-time entrepreneurs are also challenged by making sure content gets found and monetizing content, as well as publishing regularly.
A4c: Part-time entrepreneurs’ most frequently cited challenges: 1. Making sure my content gets found (60%), 2. Publishing regularly (52%), 3. Monetizing my content (51%). #ContentChat
— Ann Gynn (@anngynn) October 10, 2022
Set realistic publishing goals to get into a better habit of content creation. If you set too aggressive of a goal and consistently fail to meet it, it can create a big mental block to overcome.
The struggle to publish regularly is something I’ve certainly had, too. When the other part of the business gets too busy, my own content creation is always what gets put on hold. #ContentChat
— Ann Gynn (@anngynn) October 10, 2022
Other challenges with content creation include measuring its value and managing client expectations.
A4: Content has many of the same challenges as public relations:
– Measuring its value (in ways the C-suite will care about)
– Managing client expectations about what is/is not appropriate to write about
– Having too little time in the day to do everything #ContentChat
— Alek Irvin (@AlekIrvin) October 10, 2022
Q5: Looking toward the future of content marketing, what concept, trend, or technology do you think will make the biggest changes to how content creators work?
Web3 will give creators better control over their content and community.
A5a: It’s a core concept of #Web3 . Creators can lessen or remove their dependence on third-party platforms, particularly with social media channels. They can better control their content and community. #ContentChat
— Sweepsify (@Sweepsify_) October 10, 2022
And authenticity will be more important than polish.
A5: Less polish, more authenticity as marketing teams continue to be influenced by how creators are communicating with their communities. #ContentChat
— Scott Sanchez (@scottsanchez) October 10, 2022
Q6: If you met someone who is starting to explore a career as a content entrepreneur, what advice would you share with them?
Build on your owned channels and get contact information from your community, like emails. Social media is rented land.
A6a: Build on your owned channels and acquire your audience’s contact information. With social media audiences, you don’t know who they are and can’t reach them without going through that third party. #ContentChat
— Ann Gynn (@anngynn) October 10, 2022
It can take almost seven months to earn your first dollar. Have enough cash saved up to navigate this.
A6b: Manage your financial expectations. Our research found it takes an average of 6.5 months to earn the first dollar. It takes an average of 17 months before the business brings in enough money to support one person. #ContentChat pic.twitter.com/HlsdkArsyJ
— Ann Gynn (@anngynn) October 10, 2022
You’re building a business—act like the owner.
A6: Remember, you’re building a business. Act like the owner, not a freelance creator. #ContentChat
— Ann Gynn (@anngynn) October 10, 2022
Aim for consistency, and set realistic goals.
A6c: And this should sound familiar: Don’t stop and start and stop and start. Set a minimum production threshold you can easily manage. Create a helpful content calendar to create a systematic process. #ContentChat
— Ann Gynn (@anngynn) October 10, 2022
Develop as many skills within digital marketing as you can—it all ties back to content marketing.
A6: Try to develop knowledge in as many digital marketing areas as possible. ALL of it ties back into content marketing #ContentChat
— Sweepsify (@Sweepsify_) October 10, 2022
Work with people whose writing you admire. If you’re still working on a team, find people who are willing to help you grow as a writer.
A6: Try to work with people whose writing you admire and who are willing to help you grow as a writer. I’ve worked with many people who edit just to edit or only see their way as the best way. You won’t learn from that, and will probably just get frustrated. #ContentChat
— Alek Irvin (@AlekIrvin) October 10, 2022
Everyone makes mistakes, and you will likely receive negative feedback. Stay resilient, learn what you can, and keep creating.
A6b: Know that everyone, including you, makes mistakes, and there is inevitably someone on the Internet who wants to make sure to tell you and everyone else all about it (rather than send you a PM to be helpful). That doesn’t mean you should stop creating! #ContentChat
— Erika Heald | Content Marketing Consultant (@SFerika) October 10, 2022
Most content entrepreneurs do not regret their decision—take the leap when you’re ready!
A6. You’ll have no regrets! #contentchat pic.twitter.com/ZFWA8mhmbF
— The Tilt (@TheTiltNews) October 10, 2022
Q7: What are your go-to resources or communities for learning more about content creation and thriving as a content entrepreneur?
Ann recommends Josh Spector’s For the Interested and Casey Newton’s Platformer , as well as  InboxReads to find newsletters and TubeFilter to find YouTube channels.
A7a: Among my go-to sources: @FTInterested from @JSpector for creator business help; @InboxReads for newsletters of almost any topic; @TubeFilter for YouTube, @Platformer from @CaseyNewton for topics on intersection b/n big tech and media … #ContentChat
— Ann Gynn (@anngynn) October 10, 2022
Follow @ADHutchinson for social media news and resources, @JustinMooreTFam to learn how to find and negotiate sponsorships, and @iSocialFanz for all things about NFTs.
— Ann Gynn (@anngynn) October 10, 2022
And don’t forget to check out MarketingProfs .
A7: I love to read content from @MarketingProfs and @TheTiltNews . Aside from #ContentChat , other Twitter chats like #FreelanceChat can also be helpful for finding people with similar challenges and helping you thrive as an entrepreneur.
— Alek Irvin (@AlekIrvin) October 10, 2022
Twitter can be packed with insights, too, if you follow the right people (we recommend this list of  #ContentChat community members , for starters!)
A7: I also find some great resources on Twitter. Even though I’m sick of threads, I still find some valuable. #ContentChat
— Ann Gynn (@anngynn) October 10, 2022
Q8: Tag a content entrepreneur you admire and tell us what you love about them.
Ann and the community recognize our favorite content entrepreneurs below. Who is a content entrepreneur that you admire? Tag them and tell us why they’re amazing using #ContentChat.
A8a: I’m lucky because we profile a new content entrepreneur every week ( https://t.co/75l6EeU8C1 ). There are so many great stories to tell of creators who are making a living from it to those who balance traditional work and being an entrepreneur. Here are 3. #ContentChat

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