The 4 Best Tactics For Marketing A NonProfit Business

The 4 Best Tactics For Marketing A NonProfit Business

It would seem like marketing for a business and marketing for a nonprofit would pretty much be the same. While there is certainly some overlap, there are different strategies that you should use when it comes to developing a marketing campaign for a nonprofit.

Since these companies operate a bit differently it makes sense that the marketing would vary slightly.

There is also the matter of cost. Every company should be looking to get the best ROI for the least amount of cost. However, it is especially important for a nonprofit with limited funds.

In this article, we will go over some of the best methods to start a marketing campaign for a nonprofit company.

Just getting the word out about your brand and mission is not nearly enough to create buzz around your nonprofit. As any manager or executive of nonprofit knows, you have to be creating events that get the community interested. Not only that but one that creates a buzz around your brand.

There are several ways to do this, but the backbone of the campaign should be in the form of an event video. Use a company like this Miami video marketing agency to create a professional video that highlights what the event is about with all the details.

Then, use your social media to drum up some hype while using the video. Video in social media marketing is very powerful and brings in much greater returns in engagement and sign-ups than text-based posts.

Create a close loop by having an events page on your website with a registration form that is linked to your social media channels.

Having a Youtube video with the event and social media posts linking to it will help you convert visitors to guests at the event.

If you think of a supporter as a client then you will understand how to build up a base that is always increasing so you can properly fund your nonprofit. Essentially, you are going to do some lead-generating marketing that will help to convert people into paying for sponsorships or whatever method they fund your nonprofit with.

You have to create a funnel that attracts leads and then converts them as they proceed through the funnel. At the other end, those left will be fans that are happy to pay to continue your mission. Use your social media to create posts that generate some interest.

Usually, they are posts that are very informative and create an interest in which people want to learn more.

Then, the social media posts or Youtube videos should be linking to a page where they can sign up for an email newsletter. Don’t try to get them to pay anything at this time.

The idea is to get them on the list. Then, you can ask them for donations or to become patrons.

Once you have leads on your list, then you have to make sure that you market to them correctly. Different people have different motivations for signing up.

For instance, if a supporter signed up so they could sign a petition then your email series is going to be very specific about that type of action.

Another supporter may be looking for information on how they can help your cause and sign up during an event. In this case, the emails should be curated with the type of content that can help that person follow through with what they are hoping to help you with.

People that have donated should also have a type of email that addresses them in a much different way than people who are helping your organization in different ways. This is very important when marketing a nonprofit business.

Make sure to not send too many pitches for donations. Then, send occasional emails that don’t ask for money. 

A series that shows them the concrete ways that their donation has helped the organization is a good way to keep people interested.

Data is power these days so having the data on your supporters is very important to keep and to use.

Anybody who has given a donation of money, a donation of time, or signed a petition for you has given you information about themselves.

Understanding who they are and what they prefer to do will help you maintain a good relationship with each type of category of supporter.

Have you done marketing for a nonprofit business before? I’d love to know more in the comments below if so and how you did it. Feel free to add additional tips as well in the comments.

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