5 Digital Marketing Do's and Don'ts — Fás X Fís

5 Digital Marketing Do's and Don'ts — Fás X  Fís

Written By Conor Ludlow
If you haven't been living under the rock, the importance of digital marketing should be pretty clear to you by now. It is an effective tool to let the entire world know about the existence of your business. But if you have just started using the digital marketing platform to grow your business, you will likely be highly confused. Therefore, follow this guide to understand the five basic do's and don'ts of digital marketing.
Digital Marketing Do's 
1. Create a Brand Identity
Your brand identity will decide how others perceive you as a business. It will help your audience to immediately recognize you. Building a brand identity through digital marketing will help you make your customers remember the desired values and messages. Brand identity is reflected through your company's logo, colors, value proposition, and even the tone you use to communicate with customers. When using logo files make sure you have created a transparent logo for use in all sorts of digital marketing visuals like ads, banners, and so on. 
2. Build a Customer-Centric Approach
Remember that your customers don't want to know how great your products and services are. They want to know how your products and services can improve their lives. Therefore, you should always keep your customer's interests in mind while formulating your digital marketing strategy.
3. Make Effective Use of Social Media
Once you have opted for digital marketing, you should not ignore the power of social media. With the increasing number of users on social media platforms, you should be consistently working on posting content. 
An effective social media strategy can be beneficial in the long run and even build personal connections with your customers. You can also solve the doubts of customers with active replies on social media.
4. Design a Digital Marketing Framework
Digital marketing experts in recent times have gotten the best results by developing a digital marketing framework . It helps you focus on your products, services, and marketing vision individually. Therefore, it lays the foundation of all the practical steps to follow for achieving the desired results. 
5. Use Analytics to Track Your Performance
Building a digital marketing strategy because you also need to keep track of your performance. You can use multiple metrics like return on investment to determine whether your efforts are paying off. 
Once you realize that your digital marketing efforts are not delivering the desired results, you can make the necessary changes. You will be able to make your marketing campaign more precise with constant monitoring and analysis.
You can also use your combined analytics with some SEO knowledge from Ignite Visibility , to focus your aims at a specific goal.
Digital Marketing Don'ts
1. Start Underprepared
With all your competitors using digital marketing strategies, you will be tempted to jump into it immediately. But you should not begin your digital marketing efforts as long as you aren't fully prepared. If you fail to create a compelling strategy, your target audience will be repelled. 
Suppose you visit a website and find it unorganized. Would you visit it the second time? Don't underestimate the value of first impressions, and don't make impulsive efforts.
2. Ignore Customer Reviews
A significant goal of your digital marketing strategy is to increase customer satisfaction. But in the quest to improve their marketing efforts, businesses often forget to consider the power of customer reviews . You will come across both negative and positive reviews on your website. 
Give equal importance to all the reviews and pay attention to what your customers say. If your customers say something negative about you, treat it as constructive criticism. Contact customers who had a bad experience, listen to their issues and find appropriate solutions.
3. Underestimate Email Marketing
With the modern social media marketing methods, brands tend to ignore the old marketing methods. But you should know that email marketing can reap several benefits if implemented correctly. It is one of the best marketing methods to customize your campaign and design targeted content. 
You can also segment your customers based on engagement levels or location and send personalized emails. Emails are also a great way to collect customer feedback and increase leads. 
4. Not Performing Keyword Research
A well-crafted SEO strategy is necessary to enable customers to spot you online quickly. Start by digging out the relevant keywords for your niche. Choose keywords with high search volume and can be ranked easily. Find the keywords used by your competitors. 
After using the keywords, don't forget to monitor them. Find out where each keyword is ranked and how much each keyword can generate. You should also determine whether visitors from the keyword are getting converted into successful leads. 
5. Target a Broad Audience
Before formulating their strategy, marketers make one mistake targeting a broad audience. But you won't be using your money and effort effectively without a segmented customer base. 
Target specific customers to generate more relevant leads. Don't make assumptions regarding your customers. Perform adequate research to determine the best ways to reach your audience.
Create digital marketing campaigns with the right tools and strategies to grow your business and thrive amidst the competition. Stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends to boost your business to its fullest potential.
Written By Kris David. 
A student by day and a wordsmith by night, Kris David works as a freelance blogger. He is currently pursuing a degree in Communications and relying on his freelance gigs to jumpstart his career in journalism.

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