How to create and scale onboarding with sales training software

How to create and scale onboarding with sales training software

In an increasingly digital-first environment, many sales leaders are finding that traditional onboarding methods are outdated. Gathering a large, dispersed salesforce in the same room for onboarding is inefficient and difficult to scale. Planning and implementing traditional programs is also time-consuming and typically leads to knowledge waste if learning isn’t directly applied to the job. Instructor-led sessions, static presentations, and lengthy documents no longer move the needle. Sales training software is the answer to these challenges.

Sales training software makes it easy to deliver onboarding in a more repeatable and scalable way that keeps pace with the speed of business. Organizations can use sales training software platforms to offer a variety of sales training courses for beginners, helping less-experienced reps develop critical skills and quickly begin to apply them in the field. 

The best sales training tools enable leaders to decrease new hire ramp time in the midst of rapid team growth. Below are four key ways organizations can benefit from a more modern approach to onboarding. 

Without the constraints of a physical location, sales training software allows you to deliver content asynchronously, enabling reps to consume it on their own schedule. They can also revisit lessons or individual concepts as needed, without waiting for a live instructor or scheduled training session.

This has benefits for both the reps and the company. Reps can learn at their own pace and fit training into their busy day. Training modules can take a variety of formats, including videos, articles, and quizzes. Further, because sales training software tracks progress, reps can measure their understanding and knowledge over time.

For companies, sales training platforms make onboarding new reps much easier and more efficient. There’s no need to coordinate expensive travel and schedule around live events. Plus, with sales training software, you can be confident that all sellers receive the same high-quality training content.

New reps can find content based on a specific scenario or sales stage without having to rely on an instructor or peer to coach them through it. This “learn in the moment of need” approach is more effective than traditional, instructor-led training, because it provides reps with contextually relevant information when they need it most.

As products and services evolve, sales training software can keep pace. Content can be quickly updated with new product information and changes in the sales process, meaning reps always have access to the latest information.

Sales training software makes it easy to create engaging, relevant content in different modalities, such as videos, written tutorials, and practice scenarios. By offering different content options, organizations can accommodate different learning styles, making it more likely that learning will be retained. 

To help your reps improve, sales readiness software enables leaders to deliver feedback and coaching regularly. Robust analytics help leaders track progress and identify areas for improvement. 

Feedback is critical for sellers. Without it, they have no way of knowing what they’re doing well and where they need to improve. One reason leaders may shy away from giving feedback is that they don’t have the time. Sales readiness software can help by providing tools and templates that make it quick and easy to deliver feedback.

Onboarding is a critical first step in the sales enablement process that equips sellers with the information they need to be successful. With sales training software, companies can create a scalable and effective onboarding program that brings sales training online. After the onboarding period, training doesn’t stop. Delivering sales enablement materials online arms sellers with product knowledge, market insights, sales tips in the context of their work, and continuous training to help them hone the skills and behaviors necessary to close business.   

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