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Fall Party Planning
Fall holiday parties in the workplace are a great way to keep your employees excited about coming to work. As fun as these parties can be, it can be difficult to square away all of the details, incentivize workers to attend and ensure that you have the right amount of supplies for everyone in attendance. The theme, food, prizes or gifts all draw people in. You can throw the perfect company party with just a few of these company event ideas.
Corporate event planning through holiday parties with your colleagues are a great way to establish new relationships, meet colleagues in different departments or relax with people you usually only see at work.  Social events boost morale , and a great fall holiday party can revitalize the workplace. We have set up a guide to success for a fall holiday party in the workplace with party essentials and details to consider.
Establish the Basics
There are a lot of details to set in stone before your party can happen. Although the basics of a party are easy to overlook or disregard, they are the foundation of a great party. Knowing exactly what to expect at the event allows you to advertise the event effectively, highlight all the fun and interesting aspects and encourage your coworkers to attend. Here are four details of a corporate event you should consider.
If money were not an issue, then it would be easiest to hire a professional party planner for your holiday event. However, most businesses choose not to spend large sums on corporate parties. Without a budget, you risk overstepping boundaries for themes, decorations, food and venues. Once you know how much you are willing and able to spend on the event, you can move on to the following details and divvy up that amount to ensure that you optimize your spending.
Date and Time
Location and time are the most critical details in party planning because they directly affect who will attend. Moreover, the day you choose may contribute to the kind of party you throw. Christmas parties, for example, are less appropriate in mid-November when other themes are more fitting.
Great fall holiday parties usually happen between late September and mid-November. Remember that many people travel for major holidays, so avoid throwing the party within a week of Thanksgiving to avoid travel conflicts for attendees. More people will come to the party if they are in town when you plan it. You should try to set the date earlier rather than later so that invitees have plenty of time to prepare and plan around it, especially if you choose to do a themed party.
Finally, the time of your party impacts attendance. Parties thrown during office hours typically have the highest attendance rates because workers do not have to go out of their way. If you plan in advance, parties thrown after work hours offer an excellent opportunity to gather in a less rigid environment. If you have a larger budget, then a formal party after hours is a fun opportunity for workers to have a night out together in a rented area.
Theme and Venue
Fall holiday parties have a lot of opportunities for exciting themes for any budget. Simple fall decorations are a great way to throw a low-cost party in the office. You can change the environment from the regular walls, tables and chairs by adding decorations such as colorful streamers. These kinds of parties are easily accessible, but they do require you to supply your own food. Moreover, employees may feel like it is less valuable since it is still located in the office.
Another option is to meet after hours at a local establishment. You could also rent a room at a local restaurant for a more private and intimate setting. While it does not require you to buy food in advance, renting a room in a restaurant or eatery tends to cost more. A private room and the bill for your team can add up quickly, especially if you go to a fancy location. Without proper planning, you also risk lower attendance due to scheduling conflicts.
Finally, you could host a formal holiday party in a rented space. You should plan this kind of event for a Friday or Saturday, as you will find lower turnouts for weeknight due to work the next day. You can set a dress code to make the party feel high-class and more valuable to your team.
The requirement for food will vary depending on the location and venue for your event. You will generally spend less for events in the office because you can skip costs for venue and transportation. Instead, focus your energy on the decorations and, most importantly, the food you have available. Be aware of the  allergies and dietary restrictions of your workers . If you throw a great party, it’s best to include everyone.
If you plan to meet at a restaurant or host a formal party, food will be already be provided at the venue. Although the cost is higher, this requires less planning. Venues outside the office also open up the possibility of alcohol consumption.
It would be best if you determined the alcohol policy before the event. Alcoholic drinks run up a bill quickly, so you should request that your colleagues stick to soda or water if your budget is tight. You may also use drink tickets to limit the amount of alcohol a person can consume. While some companies choose to curb alcohol consumption at parties, the decision is yours to make.
Group Activities
Group activities are easy to plan and very enticing for your team. Great options for outdoor activities include taking a boat cruise, playing golf or going to an amusement or theme park. If the weather in your area inhibits these activities for fall parties, then indoor activities such as ice skating and escape rooms offer a great alternative. These options are generally higher in price, and they make recognition and giveaways much more challenging to coordinate.
Events hosted at the office, at a local establishment or in a rented space cater better to entertainment like games, a DJ or karaoke. These environments allow more flexibility for employee recognition or a celebration you many have planned for the party. Generally, they are more accessible to a broader group of people.  Inclusive efforts  provide a more relaxed atmosphere.
Recognition and Prizes
The primary purpose of a corporate event is to boost morale and celebrate your company’s successes, especially as it gets closer to the end of the year. Fall parties are a great time to remind employees you appreciate them. Executives and team leads may give speeches commending and thanking the team. These speeches may occur during a meal to highlight excellent work completed up to that point. Commemorate these individual and group achievements with gifts and awards to those recognized.
Party Giveaway Ideas
Company gifts are a great way to express appreciation to employees, especially corporate logo gifts. Holiday parties offer an excellent opportunity to give your team something with your logo they can see daily or use often. They also function well as prizes for games that may be available at your event. Here are some of the best promotional products that make great corporate gifts for your team!
Whether your team likes to drink water or coffee, drinkware is a great corporate gift.  Water bottles  come in many shapes, sizes and materials.  Antimicrobial stainless steel water bottles  are durable, reusable and, best of all,  prevent bacterial growth . Its vacuum seal keeps a tight hold on the liquids inside. Water bottles with a straw are a great option, they are spill-proof and easy to clean. You can choose the color that best compliments your company’s logo with a style that keeps drinks cold.
Coffee mugs are another great drinkware option since you can never have too many. A  mug with a vacuum seal lid  keeps drinks warm throughout the day and helps prevent spills on your desks and onto your devices. A standard coffee mug is multi-purpose. Not only can it hold morning coffee, but also serve as a soup cup, snack holder or tidy pencil storage. To optimize the mug, you can get a  built-in spoon .
Travel mugs and cups  make the commute to work much more manageable. Tumblers can hold water or coffee and maintain their temperature for hours after filling. They come in multiple sizes and styles, with and without straws. Tumblers also make it easy to stay hydrated at the beach and prevent spills during bumpy rides in a car.
Hand Sanitizer
As we remain vigilant to stay safe and healthy, hand sanitizer has proven useful. Shared spaces, like a break room, collect germs that are difficult to avoid. Gift a carabiner hand sanitizer that your team can keep with them at all times or a larger pump sanitizer that they can keep at their desk. The wide variety of hand sanitizer from sprays to pumps makes this corporate gift a great option. It also is highly versatile and valuable in day-to-day life, even outside the office.
Tote Bags
As we aim to make environmentally sustainable choices,  tote bags  are becoming increasingly popular as a great alternative to plastic bags. Non-woven tote bags are perfect for holding groceries and transporting them efficiently inside. They require fewer trips, and you avoid accumulating plastic bags. Woven tote bags are more sturdy, lending themselves well to carrying heavier items such as books and large notebooks. You can close many of them, whether loosely with a snap or securely with a zipper.
Writing utensils are used every day in the workplace. A handy  promotional pen  assures that your team will always have one available to take quick notes. If your company relies more on technology than paper, then a stylus or multi-functional pen may come in handy. A three-in-one pen with stylus capabilities and a highlighter are versatile for office spaces. No matter what the need, the multi-purpose pens are an excellent option for anyone.
Everyone can appreciate a t-shirt that represents their company. Order  corporate embroidered apparel  for trade shows, casual workdays or to throw on a trip to the grocery store. From t-shirts to polos to sweatshirts, your options are expansive and great for promoting your company. For something more subtle, you could also go with socks or scarves for the colder periods of the year.
Technology Gear
Technology plays an essential role in the workplace and at home. Cell phone accessories are a great way to incorporate promotional items subtly. Adhesive cell phone wallets provide a convenient storage place for commonly used cards, like an ID or debit card. An adhesive phone stand that attaches to the phone or computer also makes watching videos convenient and a phone grip allows for a better hold to prevent dropping it.
Webcam covers are very practical, especially for people who want to add a bit of decoration to the top of their computer. Computer security is critical, and the laptop camera cover offers relief from the worry of being recorded unknowingly. Whether you opt for a subtle branding opportunity, a cover with a lens cleaner or a fun decoration, you can bring laptops to life.
A common and frustrating problem with technology is its limited charge. A portable charger can remove this issue by allowing you to charge your phone on the go. Wireless charging power banks are perfect when sitting at a desk, as there’s no worrying about an invasive cord. Cell phones also collect a huge amount of germs from our hands and the surfaces they lie on. A  UV phone sterilizer  with a wireless charger works perfectly for staying sanitary, plus it also works on keys, jewelry and more.
Plan Your Holiday Party With ePromos
Show your teammates how much you appreciate them this fall with promotional items. Whether you gather in the break room or have a black-tie formal, you can celebrate your team’s successes or recognize their achievements with the right gifts.
Receive white-glove service from us at ePromos when you purchase your gift items in bulk at a low price. Whether you are looking for the best promotional gift items or plaques to award employees, ePromos can help you find the right product to meet your needs. Check out our  website  to browse all of our options.
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