What Is Conversation Intelligence (And How It Can Help You Win More Sales) — commonsku Blog

What Is Conversation Intelligence (And How It Can Help You Win More Sales) — commonsku Blog

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What Is Conversation Intelligence (And How It Can Help You Win More Sales)
Many sales organizations record the sales calls their reps make. These recordings serve many purposes, from helping train reps to getting details that may have been missed the first time. However, for the recordings to be valuable, they have to get used — not lost in the shuffle of other activities.
That’s where conversation intelligence can help. Lindsey Plocek with Mindtickle explains that conversation intelligence is a technology that uses AI to review sales conversations and compile data-driven insights. It gives sales teams a single data model to highlight top seller behaviors and ensure everyone is following best practices. She adds that it can give you complete visibility into what’s happening on deals by analyzing customer conversations.
Wondering how conversation intelligence could help your team? You’re in good company. According to Forrester, 89% of marketers feel conversation intelligence is necessary to stay competitive. In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share Plocek’s thoughts on the top benefits of using the technology for sales.
The data can help yield better results. Conversation intelligence scores your reps’ calls and highlights key moments, so you can manage your reps’ performance in less time, Plocek says. You can glean insights on topics like how pricing conversations are handled and what kind of questions reps receive. She recommends watching for trends in these calls so you can provide training if common issues arise.
You can learn from top performers. Another benefit of using conversation intelligence is identifying the behaviors that consistently drive results. For example, what do your top sellers tend to talk about and how do they handle objections? You can use these insights to create a top-seller profile, Plocek says.
You can onboard new sales reps quicker. It’s beneficial to get new team members up to speed as fast as possible. With conversation intelligence, you can use call scores to identify new reps’ strengths and improvement areas. Plocek recommends adding positive and constructive feedback after reviewing the calls.
A coaching culture is easier to build. Conversation intelligence gives you a high-level view of your team’s overall performance while also allowing you to examine individual reps’ performance. This can help sales leaders create a coaching environment where the entire team works together to improve, Plocek says.
You glean insight into the market. When reviewing calls, you can listen for the words that prospects use to describe their situation or challenges. Plocek says you can then share this information with leadership, marketing and other departments so that your entire organization has a better understanding of whether messaging is landing.
With conversation intelligence, sales managers can help train their reps more effectively. Salespeople also benefit by getting actionable insights that can help bring them up to speed quicker. Instead of relying solely on playbacks of sales calls, try exploring conversation intelligence software. It just may help your team identify sales signals faster and get more deals done.
This article was originally published by PPAI Media . PPAI is the world’s largest not-for-profit promotional products trade association with a 117-year history of serving a membership of more than 15,000 corporate members and 500,000 professionals. To learn more, visit PPAI.org .

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