Block Your Calendars! N!CK's Teams Up with Minecraft to Launch Square Pint Collection

Block Your Calendars! N!CK's Teams Up with Minecraft to Launch Square Pint Collection

One of the world's largest creative gaming communities meets the world's best better-for-you ice cream

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- N!CK'S, Swedish-style better-for-you snacks and treats brand, is excited to announce the launch of a limited-edition collection of light ice creams in collaboration with video gaming platform, Minecraft. The collection marries the innovation of two Swedish brands, merging N!CK's patented food science technology and flavor expertise with Minecraft's iconic game elements to create delicious treats that are a healthier alternative to the full-fat and high-calorie ice creams on the market.

The two companies were brought together by their shared heritage, as well as a mutual desire to provide healthier snack and dessert options in and beyond the gaming community. Each of the great-tasting, keto-friendly flavors in this collection contain elements that are unique to the game, including: 

Just like Minecraft players, N!CK's is no stranger to imagining and creating a better world. The brand has always been focused on leading the industry with food science and innovation, to make an impact on society by improving health. When N!CK's founder, Niclas 'Nick' Luthman's mom was diagnosed with diabetes, she wanted to still eat the foods and snacks she loves. Enter: creative mode. Nick, a mechanical engineer by trade, got to building and creating better-for-you solutions for all of society, including his mom and himself. Nick's work paid off after thousands of experiments and he continued down a path to tasty treats that didn't need to compromise flavor for better nutritionals.

"Bringing Minecraft to life in our latest N!CK's light ice cream flavors and unique packaging was a dream come true for our team. We are beyond excited to be partnering with Minecraft to share the limited-edition collection with their community and beyond," said Carlos Altschul, N!CK's CEO.

The ice cream collection is the first of its kind to bring Minecraft flavors to life in the real world, while also owning the iconic square pixelation design from the game. To this end, each pint is packaged in distinctive square containers, a departure from N!CK's traditional round pints, as a physical embodiment of Minecraft's signature in-game blocks.

Sign up here to be notified first when the "early release" is available. The collection will be available for a limited time only on for $9.99 per pint.

About N!CK'S:Founded in Sweden by CarlBacklundandNiclas Luthmanin 2017,N!CK'Shas expanded to 16 markets including the US and UK with their "Better For You" snacking treats. With a proprietary blend of sweeteners and exclusive patent protected ingredients,N!CK'Sdelivers the experience of full fat, full sugar snacks with a fraction of the calories and no added sugar. Additional milestones for the global food-tech innovator of healthy and indulgent snacks and ice cream include becoming the #1 new snack bar release on Amazon, the #1 U.S. direct-to-consumer pint ice cream delivery brand since July 2021, and raising $100 million in SeriesCfunding in October 2021.

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About Minecraft:Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games in history with up to 140 million monthly active players across 20 platforms. At its core, Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. The Minecraft franchise continues to reach new players through ongoing game updates, new experiences like Minecraft: Education Edition and Minecraft Dungeons, a diverse line of consumer products, a growing library of Marketplace content, books and an upcoming major motion picture. 

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