Reaching Members & Generating Revenue with Podcasts, With Guest Mike McAllen by The Bullet List Show

Reaching Members & Generating Revenue with Podcasts, With Guest Mike McAllen by The Bullet List Show

Reaching Members & Generating Revenue with Podcasts, With Guest Mike McAllen
If your association or conference doesn't have an associated podcast, then it's about time it did! In this episode, originally recorded as part of our 31 Days Of August Challenge, we talk with Mike McAllen of Podcasting 4 Associations. We discuss podcasting and how it can help associations reach their members and even generate new revenue streams.
Essential Wordpress Plugins For Event Registration Websites
Wordpress lets you get a website up and running in no time at all. With the right plugins, you can create an event registration system that suits your needs. In this podcast episode, we highlight our favourite plugins that let you get the job done. We also discuss GDPR requirements, whether SEO is really important and who should be looking after the website. The Wordpress plugins mentioned include, Gravity Forms Elementor WP Table Builder Fathom Analytics Yoast for SEO MailPoet Don’t forget to come and visit us in our Facebook group, where you can share your thoughts on on this episode
Why You Should Consider Wordpress For Your Events, Conferences & Meetings
When it comes to publishing your website content for events, conferences and meetings, which platform will you choose? In this episode we chat about Wordpress and why you should consider it for your website. There are plenty of advantages, not just because 43.2% of all websites on the internet use it or that it's a free download. There's more to it than that. Here's three amazing statistics that we mention in this episode... There are almost 60,000 free plugins in the official WordPress plugin directory Over 9,000 free themes in the official WordPress theme repository There are over 31,000 WordPress themes in total, including premium options.
Virtual Events & Accessibility, With Stas Zaslavsky Of Vii Events
In Episode 22, we talked with Laura Jelinek and Francesca Rodriguez Balit about accessibility for venues and websites. In this episode, we continue to explore accessibility but this time we take a look at virtual events. Helping us to examine this important topic is  returning guest Stas Zaslavsky of Vii Events. The points discussed include, supporting the attendee's experience going beyond what your platform already includes testing that you are meeting the needs of all attendee's One very interesting item that is brought up during our conversation, is how the law in Israel forces companies to ensure accessibility needs are met. Could be a model that the rest of the world should follow...
Facebook Live, The Home Of Bullet List Shorts!
We’ve been thinking about going live on Facebook for quite some time. But what would we talk about and how would it fit it to our normal  episodes? After much thought, discussion and a little bit of planning, we did a test. On Thursday 31st May, went live to our Facebook group just to see what it takes when using a third party platform. In our test we used Restream, which makes this sort of thing fairly easy. The test went very well, so well that while we were there, we recorded an episode!
Understanding Managed Travel, With Elliot McNamee From AmTrav
You well be wondering what ‘managed travel’ is and why you need it. In this episode we are joined by Elliot McNamee, director of product marketing at AmTrav.  We discuss what managed travel is and how AmTrav can make life easier  when trying to get attendees booked in to the right place. We also talk about AmTrav’s latest product, Gather. Their new tool provides expert help and time saving services for anyone booking travel for meetings and events.
The Importance Of Accessibility For Events, Venues & Websites
As an event planner, are you doing enough to evaluate potential  venues for accessibility? Do you test your event website to ensure that  it meets the requirements for those with impairments? Just how inclusive  is your event? Joining us to discuss these questions and how the event industry is  dealing with accessibility, are Laura Jelinek and returning guest, Francesca Rodriguez Balit. We explore the issues facing event planners, venues and website designers. This is the first in a series of episodes that will look deeper in to accessibility.
How To Choose A Virtual Event Platform, Top Tips With Merijn van Buuren
It can be really tough when it comes to choosing a suitable virtual event platform. Do you go for a customised package or use an 'off the shelf' solution? How much support will you need and just how much will it cost? Our guest, Merijn van Buuren of Event Mender, shares his top tips on how to select a platform that suits your needs. He also talks about how Event Mender will make life a lot easier for event planners.
The State Of Social Media, With Guest Tess Vismale
What is the current of state social media, with regards to the event industry? In this episode, Tess Vismale from iSocial Execution joins us to discuss the various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We also talk about Elon Musk, the benefits of Facebook Groups and our favourite social media platforms. "Tess Vismale is a creative visionary and the Chief Event Executioner for iSocialExecution, Inc. She is also a proud Tech Evangelist on the DAHLIA+ team. She is the former Senior Event Lead for Atlanta Botanical Gardens, a Tech Evangelist with The Meeting Pool, as well as the Conference Center Manager at Atlanta Technical College, where she served on the President's Leadership Team. Tess is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and Digital Event Strategist (DES)."
Taking The Stress Out Of Event Planning With Rob Vass Of Joi
Event planning can be really stressful, especially when trying to get  everyone involved in an event on the same page. How can you ensure  everyone has the most up to date information? We talk with Rob Vass, co-founder of about how his platform can make an event planners life a lot easier. Topics include how spreadsheets can be counter productive, best ways to ensure everyone has the latest information and how to simplify the gathering of content from clients and speakers.
In this episode, we chat with Tim Flors, SVP & Chief Customer Officer at Groups360.  Tim talks about the back-story to the platform, what it has to offer  event planners and along with current and future integrations.
The Event Planners Bag, The Essential Items You Need To Carry!
Things don't always go right at an event, you might be missing a cable or two, not enough power sockets or even a squeaky door to ruin a presentation! We discuss the essential items you need to carry to your events for when those small disasters strike. We discuss... Flashlights Batteries Power strips and cables USB cables and connectors Door stops and a few items that may surprise you! Don’t forget to come and visit us in our Facebook group, where you can discuss this episode and share your essential items that you carry in your kit. We would love to hear your suggestions!
Getting Event & Association Websites Done Right With Guest Francesca Rodriguez Balit
In this episode we talk about Event & Association Websites with Francesca Rodriguez Balit of BBR Web Management. Francesca's company is a personal web management boutique for event organisers. We discuss websites, social media and some of the mistakes that can spoil a visitors experience. Topics in this episode include... Website design and redesign mistakes on event & association websites Deciding between a stand alone site or one that is integrated in an existing website Which features should a website have when it comes to marketing an event or association website? Is there a social media platform that's more suited to promoting an event or association website Up coming trends in event & association websites Don’t forget to come and visit us in our Facebook group, where you can discuss this episode and share your thoughts on the topics mentioned. If you would like to take part in a future podcast episode then please get in touch.
How 'Your Event Market Place' Got Started, With Founder Lisa Schulteis
In this episode we talk with Lisa Schulteis, an experienced organiser of live and virtual events. She is the founder of Your Event Market Place, the market place for event professionals. She started working on her new project during the various Covid lockdowns of 2020 and launched the business in 2021. In our conversation we discuss how and why she got started, about the service itself and the various challenges she faced in getting established. Don’t forget to come and visit us in our Facebook group, where you can discuss this episode and share your thoughts on the topics mentioned. If you would like to take part in our podcast then please get in touch.
The Metaverse - With Guests Stuart Mitchell & Stas Zaslavsky
In this episode, we discuss the Metaverse with Stas Zaslavsky Of Vii Events and Stuart Mitchell of Catch The Mice.  We ask questions like, what exactly is the Metaverse and what can you do when you get there? We also talk about the differences between what Facebook thinks the Metaverse is and what everyone else imagines it to be. Stas is the co-founder and CEO of VII-Events, an All-in-One 3D 360° Metaverse Platform. Stuart has many talents including, director at Catch the MICE Limited, event industry connector, speaker and general dispeller of darkness!
The State Of Event Tech With Michelle Bruno
In this episode we talk with Michelle Bruno of Event Tech Brief. We chat about what she's been up to, the great event tech implosion and the current state of event tech.  "Michelle Bruno is a writer, blogger, and technology journalist. At Bruno Group Signature Services, she develops content and content strategies for technology companies specializing in the live-event industry." Thanks to Mike Kavanagh for the intro voice over - 
Mike Kavanagh Shares His Experiences Of Becoming A Public Speaker
In this episode, we talk with Mike Kavanagh about his experiences of  becoming a public speaker. We also discuss how he works with teams  within businesses to aid performance and well-being. Mike’s expertise  lays mainly with product development and strategy, but over the last 20  years he has branched out to coaching leaders in Fortune 1000 companies. About Mike Mike  Kavanagh has 17 years of experience as an advisor to C-level leaders of  Fortune 1000 companies and as a C-level corporate executive leading  large teams and organizations in product development, strategy, and  business development. During this time, he made a name for himself by  helping some of the most well-known names in business develop their  strategies, launch new businesses, and build an army of high potential  leaders capable of driving significant growth for their companies. In  parallel, Kavanagh has spent two decades cultivating an entirely  different skill-set – training and coaching people on a range of  practices for enhancing personal well-being and performance. You can find out more about the services Mike provides on his website. Don’t forget to come and visit us in our Facebook group,  where you can discuss this episode and share your thoughts on the  topics mentioned. If you would like to take part in our podcast then please get in touch.
The Decline Of Facebook Page Reach & What To Do About It
In this episode, we talk about Facebook and the decline of Page reach. Our conversation is based around a video that was recently published by Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner. He details the experiments they carried out to increase reach, and the solution they eventually arrive at. Don't forget to come and visit us in our Facebook group, where you can discuss this episode and share your top tips for Facebook.
Marketing & Engagement With Michelle Bergstein-Fontanez
In this episode, our guest is Michelle Bergstein-Fontanez of Beat Creative Marketing. We discuss event marketing and the art of engagement. Our conversation includes, how to keep engagement going when an event  has to be postponed, how to make best use of Facebook groups and the  resurgence of local TV advertising. Michelle shares plenty of great tips  based on her experience as an event planner and marketeer. In this episode, we mention the following Ocoee Music Festival Blip Billboards Vibe CTV & OTT Ad platform Don’t forget to come and visit us in our Facebook group, where you can discuss this episode and share your top tips for marketing.
When Keith Went To the PCMA Convening Leaders Show
In this episode, Keith and I discuss the recent PCMA show in Las Vegas where Keith was in attendance. It was held at Caesars Forum and Harrahs Hotel, 10th – 12th January 2022. Audio goes here Keith goes through his list of hits and misses for the event, overall  though, his experience of the PCMA was very positive. During our  conversation, we discuss transport to the show (Taxi’s and Uber), the  lack of knives and the music played to attendees. We also chat about  toilets and a slight problem with our episode numbering! Companies mentioned in this episode include… Dahlia+ (check out our recent episode with Dahlia El Gazzar) Juno Live Hublio Allseated InEvent Don’t forget to come and visit us in our Facebook group, where you can discuss this episode and other things related to the event industry.
Omicron, Events & Marketing With Guest Dahlia El Gazzar
In this episode, our guest is the fabulous Dahlia El Gazzar from Dahlia Plus Agency.  We have a great conversation about the impact of Covid and how upcoming  events are being affected by Omicron. We also discuss the Metaverse and  much more ! audio code goes here so don’t copy this bit! The following links were mention in the episode… PCMA Convening Leaders Trends by Hustle Event Tech Live Las Vegas Allseated If you have any views on this episode or want to discuss further the points mentioned then come join us on our Facebook group.
S01:E07 How Kubify Is Reinventing Poster Sessions
In this episode we diverge from the usual format, mainly because the topic of poster sessions was worth discussing at length. Our guest is Tamsin Treasure-Jones, co-founder of Kubify. We talk  about how terrible poster sessions were and how Kubify is changing how  it’s done. Co-host Keith has plenty experience of poster sessions, as  you will hear, and so can relate to how Kubify made a difference. Kubify is a software-as-a-service company that was founded in 2018.  Their flagship product is Learning Toolbox, an award-winning mobile  platform with a growing international user base. Many of their clients  come either from the conference and meetings sector or are companies and  institutions delivering training. Here are the links that were mentioned in the episode… Learning Toolbox for ePosters Page Example Showcase (explore some real ePosters) Main website
S1-E6 Coping With Illness As An Event Professional
In this episode, Bob and Keith talk about dealing with illness and discuss their own recent downtime due to ill health. The Shortlist Facebook – time to say good bye to the ailing platform? Zoom Events The Bullet List, Coping With Illness As An Event Professional Clients & co-workers will understand if you need to take time to recover from illness. Business insurance, do your research before you become ill Communication is the key, will help you to retain clients during down time Returning to work, ease yourself back in – don’t over do it. Thanks to Stuart Mitchel of Catch The Mice for the intro voice over and to Olly for the between segment voice overs. During this episode, we discussed mental health. If you need any help then Eventwell has plenty of information and many very useful services.
S01E05 – Why You Should Be Dipping Your Toes In Virtual Events
In this episode, we are joined by Stuart Mitchell, who is encouraging  businesses to explore virtual events. You can find out more by checking  out the website Catch The Mice and by following Stuart and his team on Twitter. The Shortlist Return of events, Confex 2021 London ExCel and the implecations of any covid infections after. England set to introduce vaccine passports for large venue Value of UK events sector down by £57 billion due to Covid The Bullet List – Why You Should Be Dipping Your Toes In Virtual Events For this episode, Stuart Mitchell shares his list on why businesses should be exploring online events. Virtual – a new weapon in your Events Armoury. Virtual and will run along-side in person events Global Audience: Increased audience, increased reach & increased customer base. Commercial Saving: Travel – COST and TIME saving. For productivity, this will be the new priority. Sustainability – Board members flying to NY for a meeting? Events don’t need to cost the EARTH! Work / Life balance. Travel Time away from family, avoiding burn out & taking care of mental health In this episode, the following websites were mentioned… EventWell – the event industry mental health charity Intelligo – a flexible web-based platform for delivering virtual experiences online. Vii Events – an all-in-one 3D 360° virtual events platform Thanks again to Stuart Mitchell for taking part. If you have a top tip you would like us to share then please get in touch. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast RSS feed so you don’t miss an episode!
S01:E04 – Hybrid Events Are Here To Stay
Hybrid Events Hybrid events are not going away. They are now another great tool event planners can use. Join us as we discuss why they are going to stay. The Short List iOS Changes to upend email marketing – Future updates to iOS will restrict tracking of opened emails. CES Requiring vaccine to attend – The Consumer Technology Association has announced proof of vaccination is required for in-person attendees of CES 2022. Google Tables for Teams – Currently in Google Labs and will be a product next year This episodes Bullet List – Hybrid Events ROI of hybrid events - We discuss the 'return of investment'. Better for sponsors - Exposure is not limited to in-person attendees. Exhibitors can be come sponsors and be part of the online experience. People are still not travelling! - There are still problems with travelling and hotels are still suffering from staff shortages. Recorded content lives longer - Splice up the video in smaller segments for sharing. Segments with big value can be turned in to blog posts. Take the audio from small segments to create podcast episodes. Inclusivity - Many attendees can't make a real life event and disability is a huge reason why. Whether you've attended in person or not, everyone can be part of the 'after show' community. In this episode, the intro voice-over is by Abbie Thoms, our guest from episode 3. The voice-over that comes between segments is by Olly Court. We highly recommend him for any voice over or announcer work. If you have a top tip you would like us to share then please get in touch. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast RSS feed so you don’t miss an episode!
S01:E03 - 5 Things to Consider For Your Event or Association Website
When it comes to crafting the perfect website, sometimes things can  be overlooked. In this episode, we share our thoughts on what we  consider to be important. To help the discussion we are joined by a  guest, the award winning website designer and creator, Abbie Thoms of Polyspiral. The short list Pop-ups – those awful things that get in the way. An informal Linked survey showed that… The T-Mobile hack – let that inspire you to protect your event and client data! The Bullet List – The things your website needs! A fixed footer – make sure it’s informative and stays where it is! Social media links – make them big and bold and obvious Make sure you have the essential pages – at least an about page & contact page Does it work with mobile? – a mobile/responsive design is more important than ever Text size, colour and contrast – make sure it’s easy to read and doesn’t strain the eye
S01:E02 – Collaborative Apps We’ve Tested & Used
In episode 2 of the Bullet List Podcast, we discuss collaborative  apps! We’ve selected 5 of the ones that we’ve tried out and discuss  their pro’s and con’s. [Insert anchor code here…] This episode starts with our short list, where we discuss… Intrado buys Hubb, as we spin down the hole of consolidation in the industry. QR Codes narrowly escape a digital death, they’ve not gone away but they are being talked about again. Restream now offers streaming to guests’ channels! The Bullet List – Collaborative apps we’ve tested and used When embarking on a team project, like putting together a podcast  episode, you need to be able to co-ordinate work and make sure you are  all heading in the right direction. For this weeks bullet list, here’s  the top 5 apps we’ve used and tested. Rock – If Evernote and Slack had a baby Evernote – the gold standard? Smartsheet Better than spreadsheets or forms Slack – group chat on steriods – essential for team communications though Brandy – Probably the easiest way to share a brands images, logo’s and colours. This week, our intro now has a voice over. So a big thank you to my Mum for letting me record her! If you have a top tip you would like us to share then please get in touch.
S01:E01 – Twitter Essentials
This is the very first episode of the Bullet List podcast, so it’s  rough, not that organised and there’s a few sound problems too. But  we’re learning as we go, it will get better as we get more comfortable  in our new roles as podcasters. We enjoyed making it, we hope you enjoy  listening to it! The short list We start this episode with a few news items that peaked our interest… The Delta Variant / National Association of Manufacturers Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for Staff – Labor Shortages. LinkedIn Ads – Native Video Meeting Option, Facilitating Enhanced Connection in the App. Microsoft Acquires Video Streaming Company PEER5 To Improve Teams The Bullet List – Getting started with Twitter This is what this podcast is all about, our favourite top tips. For  this inaugural episode, we discuss our thoughts on getting started with  Twitter. Turn up – if you haven’t already, make an account and start tweeting! Tweet often – best way to attract new followers and show them you are serious. Be consistent – set up a routine and stick to it. Use hashtags – use around 3 and make sure they are relevant and in use. Mention others – if you are sharing a link or retweeting, credit the original author. Also mentioned in this episode is Hashtagify, a great way of finding trending hashtags on Twitter, and a tweet from the Royal National Institute for the Blind – explains why you should capitalise words in hashtags. If you have a top tip you would like us to share then please get in touch.

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