The Complete Sustainable Events Course

The Complete Sustainable Events Course

The Complete Sustainable Events Course
The Complete Sustainable Events Course is a 6-week online course for event and meeting professionals who want to drive their organisation's sustainability strategy.
Whether you're an event planner or a supplier to the industry, have already started your sustainability journey or it's completely new to you, the course gives you advanced learning to become an expert in sustainable events.
This year's course will start on 26 September, it costs just £595 + VAT, and we're pleased to offer group bookings too.
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Why should you sign up?
Through a combination of theory, tools and practical knowledge, the course will equip you with the skills to be able to plan and report with confidence. You'll learn where to start, how to measure the environmental impact of your events, the opportunities for positive event legacy and much more.
Expect intros, anecdotes and real life examples from Fyre Festival survivor Andy King on his sustainability journey, plus in-depth learning delivered by Anna Abdelnoor from isla, and a host of sustainability experts.
Taking part in the course will also give you a chance to experience TRACE by isla , the definitive carbon measurement platform for sustainable events, empowering you to measure, reduce and report the impact of your events.
Pre-recorded modules released every Monday, available to watch on-demand & lasting 45-60 minutes, plus accompanying readings
2 live Q&As hosted by Anna - available to watch on-demand after: Friday 14 Oct 10:30–11:30 BST & Friday 4 Nov 10:30–11:30 GMT
Option to submit a carbon report at the end of the course and receive actionable feedback from Anna
10 weeks access to the course materials
Certificate of completion
Destinations, travel, offsetting & short supply chains
One of the biggest contributors to an event's footprint is travel and transport emissions.
In this module, we'll look at defining carbon terminology and demystifying offsetting, so you can focus your energy on measuring your supply chain emissions in order to target and reduce impact.
Expert: Helen Hodgkinson, Co-founder, CACTUS
4: Eating green, eating clean...
Smart menu designs, F&B impact
Agriculture for food accounts for over 26% of global emissions, with almost 1/3 of food produced going straight in the bin! Menus are a great way to create positive impact - from food sourcing to waste, we’ll look at the importance of designing nutritious, conscious menus that champion local ingredients, benefiting your audience and the planet.
Experts: Dr Vincent Walsh, Founder, HERBLABISM and James Buckley, Director of Culinary, Levy UK 
5: It’s all about the doughnut...
Circular economy in practice for production & consumables
In this module, we'll put people and the planet on the table. Introducing the concept of “circularity”, we'll look at economic models that have sustainability at their core and how throughout the designing and planning of our events, we should aim to create as few problems as possible for both people and the planet.
Expert: Thomas Leech, Co-founder, Department 22
6: It’s a learning curve...
Creating a carbon report & understanding reduction opportunities
Building upon the knowledge you've acquired, we'll give you the tools to assess your event on sustainability merits and identify potential impact areas to set carbon reduction and improvement targets. You'll be able to analyse and audit your emissions post-event and confidently report on your environmental performance to your stakeholders.
Expert: Andy King, Co-founder, Inward Point
After the overwhelmingly positive feedback at The Meetings Show's keynote session in 2020 we're beyond excited to have the one and only Andy King joining us to introduce each module and share his stories from his sustainability journey. 
Andy King has built his career as an experienced event producer that has spanned three decades and has helped top brands, foundations, and celebrities execute sustainable large-scale events and experiential campaigns. From catering his first wedding at age 16, he went on to become a sought-after event producer in New York City and was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal as America’s first ‘corporate concierge’ for PepsiCo. Andy then co-founded Inward Point, a zero-waste event company, working with celebrity clients such as Leonardo DiCaprio and The Rolling Stones, and corporations including Disney, Goldman Sachs, Taboola, Victoria’s Secret, Vogue, and Vanity Fair. 
Anna is the co-founder of isla, a non-profit organisation focusing on a sustainable future for events. Anna is the driving force behind isla and articulates the sustainability vision with support from members, the board and specialist consultants. Having worked on large-scale events for global clients, Anna knows just how capable the industry is of delivering huge projects under pressure and believes the same collaborative attitude is integral to addressing the climate crisis within the events sector.
When does the course start? 
26 September 2022.
How long does it run for? 
The course runs for 6 weeks. You will have access to the course materials for approximately 10 weeks. 
How do I access the course? 
The course will be hosted on our virtual platform, Swapcard, and you can watch the lectures wherever you are in the world as they're all pre-recorded. Joining instructions will be provided. 
Is the course accredited?
Yes, the course is accredited by the Continuous Professional Development Standards Office. 
You will receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course, regardless of whether you choose to submit the optional report.
How much does it cost?
£595 + VAT per student. If you'd like to discuss group bookings, please contact Ross Barker: .
Can I ask questions? 
There will be two live Q&As that happen on Friday 14 October 10:30 – 11:30 (BST) and Friday 4 November 10:30 – 11:30 (GMT). You'll be able to submit any questions you have about the course before and during these sessions.
Who is the course for? 
The course is designed for event and meeting professionals from agencies, corporates, and associations, and suppliers including hotels, venues, and destinations. 
Are there activities and coursework? 
Yes, there are optional activities that you can participate in if you wish, such as quizzes and questionnaires.
At the end of the 6 weeks, you will have the option of submitting a carbon report, using your learnings from the course and isla's TRACE platform. TRACE helps you measure and minimise carbon at live, hybrid and digital events. Anna will help you create your own event plan and show you how you report on that post-event. Anna and her team will review your report so you'll get helpful feedback and insights for your next event. 
Are the sessions available on-demand? 
Yes, all sessions are pre-recorded and are available on-demand so that you can consume the course at your own pace.
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