#WTSNewsletter | Women in Tech SEO

#WTSNewsletter | Women in Tech SEO

This section is all about highlighting some of the recent articles, talks and projects by talented women in our industry. Here are some of our favourites:

1) Katherine Ong & Morgan Petrov - How to advance your SEO career [Podcast] 2) Tazmin Suleman -  Optimization Tips for Your SEO Career (and Your Life) 3) Aleyda Solis - Google's Content Quality & Helpfulness Questions 4) Lily Ray -  Google’s ‘Helpful Content Update’ to Devalue ‘Search-Engine First’ Content and Elevate Authentic, Expert Voices in Search 5) Rachel Holey - Internal linking for SEO: 9 practices anyone can do 6) Elea Hendy -  How to help your brand win in new global markets 7) Debbie Chew -  How to Create a Research Report That Attracts Backlinks 8) Claire Carlile -  How to Optimize Location Pages [Free Course] 9) Emilia Gjorgjevska -  Top 5 Underutilized Schema Markups for E-commerce and Classifieds Websites 10) Jenny Abouobaia -  5xx Server Errors: A Guide to Finding & Fixing 5xx Issues on Your Website for SEO ---

Helene Jelenc told us what empowers her the most: Keep on swimming. I am serious. Keep on going, step by step, audit by audit, link by link. It is much more effective and kinder to take a steady pace than to burnout in a few months. Life is not and will never be a marathon, but it certainly is an experience. All women are welcome to share their story by simply filling this form, we encourage women from all walks of life in our industry to do so: How to find powerful domains for your project - the Odys way [WTSNewsletter Sponsor] By leveraging the built-in SEO of premium aged domains, you can gain both a competitive brand advantage and boost your rankings. The question is, how do you find one for your project? Having been in this business for over a decade, Odys Global puts a lot of effort into its due diligence process to ensure the best domains are picked. You can use the same process to find powerful domains for yourself as well and save hours of research and unexpected costs. Our Founders Hub initiative now features 128 founders! This initiative is built to give exposure to brilliant women in the industry who are founders/CEOs of companies. The goal of this hub is to amplify brilliant women who are founders/CEOs in our industry, show off their companies and the awesome work they do, encourage potential clients to partner up and reach out to companies that are run by women, and motivate women in the industry who want to feel inspired and look up to role models who are women that have started their own companies. All founders can submit their founder profiles by filling out the form on the hub. That's it for our August edition! A reminder that everyone is more than welcome to subscribe. We want to help amplify all the incredible women in our industry so the more people who subscribe, the more we'll be able to achieve that as an industry. I'd love to hear your feedback. Any thoughts, feelings or suggestions, please let me know =)

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