Top 5 B2B content marketing influencers on social media

Top 5 B2B content marketing influencers on social media

Top 5 B2B content marketing influencers on social media
June 1, 2018
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Content is still the most prominent topic in the B2B marketing space. Every right-minded B2B marketer is doing it. But which of them are transforming our approach? Who out there is best placed to inform, entertain and drive change within the industry?
Well, one thing content marketers certainly shouldn't do is labour a point. So, let's dive straight into my picks for the top five B2B content marketers on social media.
Doug is all about creating stories. It’s his mantra, and he’s not afraid to express it in as boisterous a manner as possible with content that's loud, brash and unapologetically contentious. Blog headlines include ‘Crap: Why the single biggest threat to content marketing is content marketing’ and ‘The other C word: What makes content marketing great’ .
Fearless headlines aside, Doug's an astute and extremely well-respected content marketer. On social, expect humour, personality and obscenity: all neatly tied together by a deep understanding and respect for top-notch B2B content marketing.
Watch his keynote speech from July's Ignite event in London, where he discusses the merits of smashing marketing conventions.
Marissa Pick
If you’re after a content marketing expert on social media, why look any further than a director of content engagement and social media? In addition to a strong Twitter and LinkedIn presence, Marissa's identified the benefits of complementing these channels with a personal blog . By spreading her content across as many platforms as possible, she’s ensuring maximum reach with the people that matter.
Refreshingly, Marissa’s Twitter feed isn’t one laden with self-promotion; she’s a fervent supporter of sharing pieces of content from across the B2B landscape. Tagging the relevant authors and engaging with her followers creates a thriving social community, an enviable feat for many in the B2B content marketing space.
Joe Pulizzi
Aptly dubbed the ‘Godfather of content marketing’, Joe is a world-renowned speaker, author and general content marketing expert. At the B2B Summit in June, he highlighted the importance of creating content that delivers genuine value for your audience, rather than blindly focusing on how to extract that value. His assertion that B2B content needs to talk about what your customers care about, rather than what you sell, is one of the main reasons he’s so admired in the B2B content marketing space.
The fact Summit attendees reacted so positively to these messages highlights Joe’s standing as a real content marketing influencer. Imparting genuinely useful and potentially revolutionary advice, rather than merely telling people what they want to hear, is a key characteristic of any successful influencer.
Lee Odden
Lee’s messages truly resonate with his followers: one quick glance at his Twitter feed and LinkedIn profile proves this. On vanity metrics alone, Lee has the following and engagement rates most B2B marketers can only dream of.
An avid blogger, he spreads his content across numerous sites, which increases his authority and generates that all important brand awareness. Oh, and he’s written a book too - something that so many aspiring influencers can but dream of.
Lee lifted the lid on B2B influencer marketing during his Ignite 2017 opening keynote – you watch the entire video here .
Ann Handley
Ann’s content marketing nous eclipses most others in the industry. She’s not merely an ‘influencer’; this bestselling author's a consummate content marketing guru. And she actually has two Twitter accounts, a tactic only the best social media marketers can pull off.
Her professional account is certainly the best place for B2B insight, but her personal one has a healthy following too, and shows off aspects of her personal life as well as the odd nugget of content gold.
Ann stands out as a content marketing influencer because – in the most commendable way possible – it’s all she talks about. With this expert, you know exactly what you’re getting and there’s absolutely no danger of mixed messages or information overload.
Did we miss anyone out? Get in touch with us on Twitter @MarketingB2B or comment below with your suggestions for the top B2B content marketing influencers on social media.

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