Limitations Inspire Creativity | Episode 235

Limitations Inspire Creativity | Episode 235

Limitations Inspire Creativity | Episode 235
When it comes to creativity and innovation for some reason NFT projects haven’t seen massive rewards but I believe those times are changing and part of that change is happening as we speak.
There’s no doubt the current state of the market plus the condition of our world has drastically changed how we as NFT investors are approaching projects, and with many projects its changing how they present their value before, during and even after they mint.
I discuss our last 3 mints for #Mint365 collection and how they are doing just that:
234: XOXO by Maya and Yehuda Devir:
What limitations do you see within the Web 3.0 and NFT space, and what creative ideas do you have for reimagining the future of events, membership, collaboration, and even FUN..
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The NFT365 Podcast is Hosted by digital futurist Brian Fanzo.
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As always: DO YOU OWN DAMN RESEARCH and we hope you enjoy coming on this Mint 365 journey as we buy an NFT every day for 365 days:
The 1st DAILY Podcast buying an NFT mint every day for a year! SuperPOWERED $ADHD Creator Coins on Rally.IO
The NFT365 Podcast is Hosted by digital futurist Brian Fanzo.
As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. Looking forward to seeing what new and creative things people come up with in this bear market #nft #limitless
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Episode 235 – Limitations Inspire Creativity
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Brian Fanzo 0:46
Welcome back to another episode of NFT365. And of course, we are proudly sponsored by the crypto Business Conference October 9 to the 11th in San Diego. And before we jump into today’s topic, I was going to jump into our new segment where we’re gonna kind of cover some of the NFT’s that we’ve been buying for our Mint 365 project. And, you know, part of the beauty of this project, and maybe the curse of the project is that no matter how the market is no matter where crypto is, no matter where the NFT market is, and none of those things really impact or change the fact that we are buying an NFT every single day for a year. And I want to kind of just share in the last three days, the NFT’s that we bought leading up until today. We haven’t bought today’s NFT yet, but I do have my eyes on one. The Mint drops a little bit later today on Solana. So for anyone that’s over there on Solana, you can check out magic, that will kind of give you some of the ones that are over there in their Launchpad. But I wanted to kind of tap back into like, you know, some of the things that I’ve been looking at, you know, as I look at projects, you it’s been interesting, because a lot of projects that I think are good that have a decent mid price are not are not selling right now because not only because of market conditions, but because of the freemen craze. And also I think there’s just like a little bit of skepticism at the moment of like, wait a second, why are we paying upfront? For something like we don’t know what to what is ahead, that is going to be delivered. And I’ll just say like, that is something that we have to just be aware of that is like kind of the state of mind of today’s NFT buyers.
Brian Fanzo 2:24
There are a lot of people that are looking to buy a free meant and then you know, flip that for a decent amount very shortly. Right. And yeah, you have some you’re the meme cultures continues to prove its value. Your memes are really undefeated on the internet. You know, the God hates NFTS meme NFT drop that happened, I guess a couple of days now. They’re now up over, you know, over one eath from that project from that drop, you know, it is a meme, but it’s kind of making fun of the protests. And you know, it’s one of those things that you never know really what’s gonna catch fire. I’m, you know, I’m for one on one. I like the memes that are more positive, twisted, not negative, twisted, but that’s just personally but, you know, one of the, you know, back a couple days ago, one of the projects and it’s actually one of the projects, I’ve mentioned a lot here on the podcast, you know, there are certain expansion projects versus derivative projects that I really like. And mainly it’s because of the community that has formed around them. And it’s been less about the original art and more about like, what does it mean to create something kind of outside of that and so the Oh x apes, which is the expansion apes project, I mentioned originally, I think six or seven of them, they had a change contracts the the change contracts pretty seamlessly, and then we were able to transfer them over since then I’ve flipped out of a couple of them. So I still had four and they’ve been actually a project that’s held pretty well on the for price over these these times and I’ve really just loved you know, I would argue that they are one of the most active discords that I’ve seen for a 10,000k You know, PFP project and And mostly it’s not about like floor price or the project itself but it’s more about like, what does it mean to come together and there’s like this the idea of the amber wave Well, the reason I bring them up is that they just recently dropped their first kind of like part to mint and they’re calling it the tribe Odyssey. And so the Odyssey collection we added to our collection here but you know the interesting thing on it was that they they rolled out their meant price at 0.20 ETH which is pretty high for this current state. And if you had any OX apes in your wallet currently, you got a discount on the mint for 0.15. Now I believe that the original collection was rolled out over 10,000 is what they are trying to mint out and you know I think anyone could have predicted probably that there was no way at that mint price during this current market that that was going to mint out unless there was kind of just on all the sudden wave of hype or momentum. And what they ended up doing is, you know, they had told everyone that it already has one that you’re gonna be able to do your claims a one for one claim. And I think, you know, a lot of projects now it’s this difference between an airdrop or a claim and we can debate both of those. But you were able to last night they closed the mint off and you were able to actually claim for one for one. So if you had three OX apes, you got the claim three additional tribe Odysseys. And so we added one of those to our collection, mainly because I mean, the track record of that community that kept track or not the team, and also the previews of the art and some of the things that they have in the works. You know, I know that the team behind it also has some partnerships lined up with some, some brands, which is why I think they’re also kind of moving towards this, like tribe, branding. And this is something that we also want to look at, you know, one of the things that I’m trying to better understand every day when we’re researching these NFT’s are what are some of the trends that are either upcoming, or trends that they’re that projects are trying to create. And I believe one of them is announcing like your partnerships and your collaborations actually pre meant, right. But in the past, I feel like that’s something that usually came out like in phase one or phase two of the utility drop, where all of a sudden, a project and NFT project would announced their partnerships. And it could be just like a partnership with another project, it could be a partnership with a brand, it could be a partnership with a platform. And so I think that is actually a trend that is really been interesting to watch. And then of course another trend. And the one we mented two days ago, which is the therapists and has really cool art behind it. But they are marrying, you know, their lines. They’re marrying art, with mindfulness and mental health. Now they did the part of the reason I was attracted to this collection was first of all, they did a 2222 collection. So it was a smaller collection, which I think was a smart play as far as kind of like the attachment to understanding the market, right? I think trying to mint in their mid price, I believe was a point oh six, that we meant to them. I do believe they are sold out. Now. There are 2222 pieces. But I also just really liked that they have a lot their storytelling, and their kind of commitment to the mindfulness mental health conversation is kind of integrated into the art into their, their Twitter following, even to the things that they amplify. And so I think, you know, for me, that was one of the ones that I really found interesting. And then yesterday, this is the one I was excited to also just talk about here on the podcast is the XOXO by Maya and I think it’s udah. They are they are two artists. I would say the cartoonist and artists that have been creating online content for years, apparently, I was not super familiar with him. I think I’d seen some of their things over the years. But they have a collection, it’s called XOXO NFT underscore IO. And their art is is great. But their track record right when I when I went in, like looked through their their social channels, and I was checking out some of the things that they had in the works. I was beyond impressed on what they’ve been building for years. And I mentioned before, one of these trends happens to be like projects, kind of announcing their partnerships. Well, part of their and actually this is actually how it got on my radar originally was they actually announced that they are they have locked in a long term partnership with Samsung Mobile, and that some of the people that minted the one of those first 2222 are going to be getting a galaxy Z flip a galaxy watch, or Galaxy buds, right to air buds or air pods. And I thought, wow, that’s actually something interesting on top of this, right, because we’ve seen, we’ve seen some giveaways, we’ve seen some partnerships, but like, I really do love the idea of you know, and I’m actually a fan of it, doing it not random, right, I actually like the idea of if a certain project mince picking a certain property that a art has, right, so maybe it’s the art that has a pink background or has, you know, the backwards hat and everyone that has the backwards hat, it’s going to win something or whatever that property is. And I actually think like there’s some really interesting ways that you can kind of encourage secondary market encourage actually even men holding right like for this project, you know, now that they’ve sold out you know, the only people that are gonna qualify for the Samsung giveaway are for those that you have to be the original mentor of the project which if you remember correctly, that’s actually been a prediction of mine for a while was how do we how do we start to reward those that are most loyalist which those are holding on to your mins? And so I believe I saw a tweet from them today. See what it was that they only have I think there’s only seven that are for sale at the moment or maybe maybe six other six that are listed at the moment right. So if you think about that, that’s a pretty interesting you know, change or interesting up And a byproduct of this space. And they also have a Legacy Collection, right. And I think, you know, for anyone that like looks at, you know, I like projects that are rolling out, like small collections, and then a little bit larger collections, right ones that are large II rolling out, you know, different not only different size collections, but they kind of proof of work as far as some of the other projects or other things that they’ve actually already rolled out. And to me, that’s, that’s a big one, I think that’s actually one that we’re gonna see more projects on. So those are the three that we’ve minted in last three days, I’m actually excited to all three of these, you know, I will say, you know, last week, there wasn’t as many that were as exciting to me. But these three, I think are gonna be great holds for our project, and really, some of the things we have coming down the pipe for showing off our collection. Now, with all that being said, you know, one of the phrases that I used, I believe it was last episode, actually with David Bian que is this idea, and it’s a free it’s a keynote that I’ve given for a long while. And the keynote is always the premise. And actually I gave it at HubSpot back in? Well, there’s I think it was 2017 2016. And what I was doing was I was working with brands to better define their social media value, right. And I have this thing that many of you have heard me, say called screenshot awesomeness, which is just a simple concept of every time something good happens, you should take a screenshot of it, or take a picture of it and put it into a folder on your computer. It’s great for approving value. It’s a great for getting over an impostor syndrome, it’s great for staying motivated, when you’re not feeling like doing things that you want to do I do it here with a podcast, right? Every time someone writes a nice review, or we get a tweet that says, you know how much someone loves the podcast, I take a screenshot and I put it into a folder. And if there’s a day where I’m not feeling it, or like, why am I doing this? Or why are people listening to me, I can dive into that. And that’s always been something that I’ve kind of worked to inspire to motivate people to kind of documenting the good moments that are happening around us. And then the talk that I was referring to is this idea that you know that limitations, inspire creativity, and limitations inspire creativity really, for me, was really about like, you know, when everything is crowded, when everyone, when there’s a lot of attention on things, or when we’ve all just kind of defaulted to measuring one thing or looking at one thing, it’s important to now get creative with ways to like kind of measure outside of the box. And one of them could be the easiest one, which is pretty pretty much social media, which actually plays pretty well into this nfts conversation is that, you know, like in social media, we we would have laughed, let’s just say 15 years ago, if we would have told you, you know, we’re measuring the success of a project, based on time, how many times people click a thumbs up button. And most people in business will be like, well, how does thumbs up buttons relate to business and sales? Like how does that How is that correlation, right. And I often joke about like, you know, the billboards and the side of the road, right, the part of the data that they share are projected eyeballs that are appear, you know, on that billboard, but there’s a lot of data within that, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. And so it’s been interesting, like in the social media game, like when I look at, you know, measuring success on social media, and for some of the brands and campaigns that I’ve worked on in the past, we work hard at going beyond the vanity metrics, or just the metrics that are, are there at our disposal. And I’ve said that a lot here on the podcast, right? Like, I don’t like to look at just for price. To understand the current state of a project, right, I want to look at volume in the last 24 hours volume in the last seven days, I want to look at average sale price of that collection, right? The floor price might be low, but the average price might be a much higher level of what people are on average buying or selling, right. And, and this can be good or bad, right? There are some projects, where I’m like, wow, they’ve done a great job of of holding their floor price. But then if you look at it, they’ve literally not had a sale above the floor price in 30 days. So if you’re holding a more rare one of their NFT’s now you have the question, is this rare NFT actually worth holding on to if the majority of people aren’t willing to pay anything above for price or whatever that may be? Now, with limitations inspired creativity, I also look at like the limitations of the blockchain or even the limitations of the marketplaces that we have today. Right and, and part of that can come into the idea that says like, Where can we where can we look to innovate but also where can we look to You know, I would argue we need there because this is the this is the problem that ends up happening is that when people look to get creative with their NFT drop or creative with their their upcoming project, part of it is we get creative with like the words and I’m guilty of this too. So um, let’s just say we this is definitely this is definitely a weird scenario, right? We get creative he’d have with like, the naming of things, because we’re like, oh, I don’t want to name mine a whitelist. I’m gonna name mine, the super special friends of friends best friends list for, for all of my cool kids. And we’re like that that’s cooler than naming it a whitelist. Right. And, and we get we oftentimes, like, we add complexity for no reason. And we think we’re getting creative, which ultimately is, is probably doing us more harm than it is doing us good. And then on top of that, we also don’t think about the concept of what are the current limitations? And then what are our goals or our definition of success? Now, this is something I stress a lot in every NFT that you’re buying as a collector as well as any NFT project that you are launching as a as an NFT founder, one of the things that you’re going to really want to hone in on is like, what does success look like? For that project? What does the success look like for you purchasing this NFT? And I will tell you, one of the hard ones is like what is the success look like when you’re buying a free mint NFT, that’s a hard one. And it’s funny, I’m actually I’ve kind of come to the realization that, you know, the, the added element, and like the amount of time it takes to, to flip some of the free NFT’s or try to take a flyer and get lucky. Does is is too great. It’s actually taking too much of my time, to where now even if I get early access to a free meant, I’m actually not participating in many of them. And part of that is just because now I’m having to either define what success is for me and how I’m kind of using my time and the things that are around me. Now. With that being said, You’ll the idea of like limitations inspire creativity, well, one of them can really come in to the idea of discord. There are a lot of us that hate discord, there are a lot of people that complain about discord. But for the most part, Discord has become kind of like a default or de facto for pretty much every NFT project. And it has its reasons, right? It allows us to organize some of our content into categories allows us to connect web three tools that allow some anonymity to to the platforms where you don’t have to have a you know, a first name, last name, you don’t have to KYC or any of those type of things. But really in a bigger picture of what you know, I think discord, what we have to look at is what are the limitations that discord currently is is presenting us with? And then what are the ways that we can either get around them we can actually supplement those limitations or in some cases, what can we use in you know, in combination with discord so that we can help amplify that right we for us here on the podcast like one of them is that you a lot of people are like Brian, I just can’t keep my notifications on in discord because there’s just too much noise and everyone’s Discord is going on. But I don’t want to miss you know what is happening or what’s going on in with the podcast with things that you have going on. I was like, Okay, well, we launched a text message service, right and SMS service, and it’s in the shownotes here of the show, where you can actually just sign up for SMS messages. And we only send a couple of messages, if a couple of messages a week on updates and things that we have going on maybe some announcements, but in that way we definitely are understanding the limitations of discord. And we’re getting creative we’re providing another solution but we’re not eliminating discord right because this is the other thing that I believe we are getting into like a weird gray area where we are also kind of living in this like all or nothing world where it’s like, well, I’m either using discord or screw discord, I’m not using it at all. Well, what if you use discord for only certain things that it worked really well for? And then everything else you supplemented, right? Or I hear people saying, well, we’re not going to do you know, we’re not going to do a, let’s just say something like, you know, we’re not going to do staking of our NFT’s on our platform, because, you know, it’s too complicated. And when you stake in NFT,
Brian Fanzo 19:00
You know they are it’s oftentimes confusing for the, you know, the holder, and I’m gonna vouch for that, because I actually, thankfully was going through some of my one of my spreadsheets and realized, oh, wait a second. I have three NF T’s that are in a collection that and it’s the gambling apes, that I didn’t even realize I completely forgot that I had them because they’re staked in that contract. So they’re not in my wallet physically, at this moment. They are are staked and I’m earning some return on them. But if it wasn’t for that spreadsheet, I probably wouldn’t bro it took another month or so for me to remember that I even had them staked into a contract. So that’s actually something that is rather interesting. And I’ve actually seen a couple of contracts projects that said, You know what, we believe this is a problem, but we’re gonna give people when they stake their NFT we’re gonna give them a placeholder NFT that lets them remember that they have one currently staked into a website or into a contract. And I was like, wow, that’s, that’s a great job of like using the limitations to inspire creativity. The other part of like limitations inspire crew activity is that you know, the beauty I look at NFT’s when someone, you know, when we’re, you know, as we’re kind of putting together the launch of our NFT project with superpowered, you’ll part of that is really like, what can we make sure that we deliver from the start. But then what are our what what things we want to add on and you know, we’re really focused on this, choose your own adventure, type utility, right, where we’re going to give lots of different options for you that are that end up holding our, our NFT to decide which type of utility matters most to you. And if you’re not going to, in real life events, you shouldn’t have to, you have the, you know, the NFT’s value, that shouldn’t be something you miss out on, right, you should be able to kind of, let’s just say cash in that part of the utility for a different part of the utility and and that’s something that we’re looking at. But I will tell you the the hard part on all of this is that the more that you add those creative, innovative elements, the more you have to worry about education, the more we have to do a hand holding, the more videos we have to create, the more documentation that we have to have. One of the things that we’re hoping that this is the week that we’re able to push out our merchandise, here for the podcast. Well, you know, part of that is like we are trying to innovate, we are trying to do something without you really trying to push the limits of Spotify of Shopify, push the limits of token gating across multiple blockchains. But also I want to provide really custom experiences, and I’m not really willing to, to, you know, to, you know, in a way, I’m not really willing to sacrifice what I believe is a true web three style experience, for getting something out faster, or getting out something that, you know, maybe doesn’t check all those boxes. But I also understand with that comes, your could come some frustration and some things that are going in there. The other part of limitations inspire creativity, is I actually think of this at in real life events. So IRL events, kind of like where we at NFT NYC, we of course, have been at Miami NFT week, the current sponsor of our podcast with crypto business conference conference that we are involved in. You know, one of the things that I look at, as far as limitations inspire creativity is that if we’re looking at like the things that, you know, let’s say we’re going to do a meet up at a physical event, right, one of the things that is not a good feeling that I feel like a lot of NFT projects have is that there are people that are the haves within a project, and other people that they wish they could have. But they either don’t have access, they don’t have money, they don’t have time, they don’t have a babysitter, they don’t have, you know, the opportunity to travel that many do. One of the things that we can do when it comes to creativity, limitations, inspire creativity, it’s not just about like, hey, like, let’s put up a camera in the meetup and let people see what’s going on. But let’s take a step back and say, what are the things about IRL events? That are things that people are find worth going to? And then how can we reimagine them online? Right? And, and part of it needs to be to provide an experience for those that are kind of missing out, right? And so this is where I feel like we and web three can really take back this ownership conversation, right? Because, you know, what would Instagram be? Without all of us adding our content to it? It would be nothing. What would YouTube be if people stopped uploading YouTube videos, or we stopped watching YouTube? Well, part of that has been like, how crazy is it that like we, as users and as creators, have been the driving force of what has created value on those platforms. Yet unfortunately, the value as far as the financial monetization value has only really ever existed for the actual, you know, those that play at YouTube, right? And that disconnection? Well, that’s kind of like in IRL events where there’s really, you know, an IRL event is really only as great as the people that show up, right? We talk about the serendipity and the people that are around us. Well, if I’m an NFT project founder as an NFT project founder, one of the things that I want to think about is not only providing like a meet up experience offline, but how can I take out the things like serendipity like access to the founders, like you know, the idea of collaboration with other people on an events or even just a layer of fun? Like I will tell you like this is actually something that for me is hit me a little bit hard and I have to admit like when we started game night and in our Discord anyone shout out to Carter and and the entire team that puts on you know, Kevin does the music side of it and everyone that shows up for our game nights on Thursday nights in our Discord. I remember being like I’m not too sure about game night in our in our Discord. And then it like kind of hit me over the last couple months was like wait a second. It allows us an entry point to get to know each other and play games and adds another layer of creativity and fun And you if you remember all way back whenever I had my one of our, our past episodes about really just what were NFT’s originally created for right and what what were why were they called the Bored Ape Yacht Club and, and what were some of those initial things was like, there were elements of like fun, right? And we have like, fun can often like times become like we talk about gaming or we talk about the metaverse, which, I might have to argue against the idea of the metaverse being fun at the moment. It’s more like a ghost town. But the thing that actually that I tied back in was like, wow, wait a second. We part of the thing that we love about in person events is the music, the fun, the fact that we are kind of taken out of our element, and we’re given an experience. Well, what if we were able to do that more for the online for those that weren’t able to be participating? Right? What if we were able to have a comedy show? Or I have a good friend that does some different, like games and tricks and like parties and things in a virtual environment? What if we were able to bring that in a virtual experience and allow those that are, you know, that are aren’t able to travel to an IRL meet up? To experience that right? What if we were able to, you know, pipe in some kind of exclusive experience through music, maybe hiring you one of the NFT musicians that were a fan of hear on the podcast like Sammy Arriaga or Violetta or Spotty Wi Fi or your there’s tons of great musicians that are in this space as well. And so that’s really where I think we have to look at and I think right now is a great time, like, we hear a lot of people talking about, like, you know, with the market being a bear market, not a beer market, I tweeted out this morning, a tweet that and I fat finger and I miss typing pretty much if there’s a tweet coming out that’s missed, that has a typo in it, I can almost guarantee it’s coming from my fat fingers. I have very fat thumbs and I misspell a lot of things. It’s a combination of fat thumbs, disgusting things out there. It’s my ADHD and dyslexia. It’s a whole hodgepodge that I have going on here. But I call it the beer market, not the bear market. And you know, as a, as a beer fan I’ve ever had a beer I didn’t like, I thought that ended up being funny. And all of you that replied, and the gifts that came in, I thought made for a pretty entertaining Fourth of July this morning. But the during this like bear market, where people aren’t, there’s less ability for us to sell less ability for us to, to actually, you know, kind of change. One of the things that I’ve been stressing is that I don’t believe everyone has to create their own NFT project, that I actually think you can take ownership and have a role in other projects that you love. And that can return massive value massive dollars to you, as a creator. And one of them I look at is like if you are if you are someone that is an artist or a creative, and you have something that you can provide the the other holders, why not start thinking about how can you present that to the founders in ways that you want to? You want to add to the community? Right? And I think this is one that I think discord should really use, right? Like we do, we do a DJ night. Pretty much, I’d say almost every month here in our Discord, where we have different DJs that are coming in and playing music, some of them take requests, some of them, you know, show off their, you know, DJing talents that they have online. But you know, for me, like part of that is also like, what other talents do you have within our community that people are wanting to share and kind of, you know, add value to our world, right? There might be some financial planners, there might be some organizers, there might be some people that are great at crafting or great, there might be some people that are just really great at this little design and branding, and why not have a night where we did you know, someone can volunteer their time to Brant help, you know, everybody kind of reexamine their brand, or take a look at their digital footprint wherever that may be. And then you like there can be even things from, you know, comedy to talent shows to, you know, everything from I was even watching Joey Chestnut and a hotdog eating contest, right? Like, what if we are able to not only integrate fun within our web three world, but what is like fun look like in NFT form. Like think about that from like a utility, right? And that’s where I think limitations inspire creativity, like our ability to be creative with the way that we add utility, the way that we provide value the way that we integrate offline and online. And what if we were able to take things and like, I mean, like, I like one of my favorite games Cards Against Humanity.
Brian Fanzo 29:33
I’m a huge fan of that. I mean, I like playing poker, but I also have a hell of a lot of fun. Because I like to read people’s language. I like to be able to predict how people are going to react to certain things. But what if we were able to like add those type of components within existing NFT projects or, you know, one of the projects that we minted here in our collection. It was a while ago now it’s probably two months ago. is actually a card game. In NF t form, right? So you actually hold these cards and after I can’t remember the exact name of it, maybe I’ll, I’ll pull it up for a future episode. But they’re, you know, there’s some really cool ways that we can really rethink about like, not only what is fun look like but what is what are all these different components of, of web three present us and I think we can really kind of think outside the box and hopefully kind of change the way that we kind of imagine certain things in our, you know, web three world. And so hopefully, you will take that advantage to, you know, let’s let’s look at the limitations that we are currently dealing with. And let’s get creative. I’d love to hear more about one of the some of the creative things that many of you listeners are thinking about, or that you would love to see in projects. That’s another one that people forget, like, if you have a great idea, sharing that with other founders, there’s a lot of founders that probably haven’t even thought of some of the things that you would think about that you would love to add to the different shows and things that are going on. So definitely take advantage of doing that. Of course, you know, shout out to our sponsor Crypto Business Conference that will be happening in San Diego, October 9 through the 11th. Some great tracks on all components of web three, from crypto to Metaverse to NFT’s, and really focused on, you know, an action Ford events, which I’m excited to be a part of excited to, you know, to not only be able to collaborate, but to hopefully, you know, inspire some creativity amongst all of our friends here. So, yeah, if you want to check them out, it is So, check out the event, hope to see many of you in October. And I’ll just kind of wrap this by saying, you know, one of the things that, you know, I’ve stressed a lot when it comes to, you know, what web three can provide us is that, I hope we can take a lot of the problems that we have in the world today, and find ways to change the narrative to make a difference to really reinvent the way the certain problems exist. And, you know, I think the beauty of this is revolved around like our freedom, the freedom that, you know, thank you to those that have served those that are serving those families of those that have served in the military that have protected us, you know, over the years, you know, for I know, it was it was Canada Day, last week, it is the fourth of July here today. And you know, one of those things about you know, celebrating Independence and celebrating your freedom. And, you know, as bad as the things are with things happening around the world at the moment, I think the opportunity for us to not only come together, but to really find solutions to help, you know, mitigate some of the problems. And then also, like, stand up and be heard, right, and I’m excited. We have a couple people coming on the podcast over the next week that are really doing some really cool social campaigns, social dowels and projects that I believe are pushing the limits. And I also think part of it is that you know, to we we can’t just live in a world where we complain that not enough is being done, we have to really be the ones that are taking action and taking action and making, you know a global impact. So hopefully everyone you know, takes advantage of that and realize is that we have this opportunity in front of us to really be those that you know change the future. Not just talk about what the you know, the current state or the past that we aren’t happy with. So with that being said, My Friends as always, make it a great day. And I will talk to you tomorrow. Cheers
Kevin Sturmer 33:38

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