Council Post: Owning The Industry: The Iconic Personal Brand Strategy

Council Post: Owning The Industry: The Iconic Personal Brand Strategy

Founder ofIcons Incorporated, helping clients define and implement strategies to become icons in their space.

I founded Icons Incorporated because I wanted to work with the most elite personal brands on the planet: entrepreneurs, content creators, authors, speakers and athletes who are the very best at what they do. These visionaries have inner greatness that, when actualized, can truly transform the world. They’ve elevated themselves to the highest levels of success and transformed from expert into ICON. People like Shonda Rhimes and Taylor Swift are playing at this level.

And you can, too. If you’re looking for what’s next in your career, if you’re looking for more, it’s time to elevate your brand to "iconic."

The mainstream business model is where many personal brands see success. But there’s a massive difference between running a mainstream business and an iconic business.

Mainstream businesses fight to stay alive due to competition. They must consider the state of their market and their position within that market and then evaluate endeavors accordingly. When they evaluate an opportunity, they do so knowing they must compete on price, value and quality against others in their niche.

The mainstream is entirely market-driven. Businesses are locked into whatever their market tells them and offers them. There’s market research, focus groups and surveys that all reinforce this system. And this is all perfectly fine, but I believe a better way exists, particularly for those who are gifted.

Simply put, an icon is the most elite expert in a niche who leverages their authority to create incredible impact and wealth, lasting well beyond their lifetime. The personal brands that icons build are magnificent and unforgettable, and the icons themselves use the following strategies to keep their brands vibrant.

If you are truly the best in the world at what you do, there is no price limit on your services, offerings or ideas. As a master at your craft, you are priceless.

How do you market yourself if your pricing has no cap? Set yourself so far apart that no one can question you. Position yourself as operating in a category of one. Become a niche leader through high-profile speaking, a book or media deal, equity investing.

Because you are unique in your marketplace, you can set pricing at whatever level you want.

An icon only works with their dream clients. They hand-pick prospects and invite them into their iconic world. These clients are high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, royalty and billionaires. How do they find those high-end clients? Magnetic marketing.

Icons have such a crystal-clear vision of their perfect clients that they know exactly how to speak to them in ways that resonate at a soul-deep level. Icons also have unshakable confidence in their expertise, teams and offerings, so they are fully confident when they pursue their prospects.

That’s magnetic marketing. It’s a mindset shift that allows you to magnetize your ideal clients.

Being an icon is not about achieving one big deal and then calling it quits. It’s about consistent, big pricing and pursuing the vision through multiple channels. It’s about multiple wealth streams.

An icon with multiple wealth streams experiences true freedom. They wake up every day and choose to put in the work to create their legacy. They choose to show up to spend time with their clients. They know there’s something bigger out there and choose to pursue it because they have the wealth to make it happen.

Icons produce revolutions. They actualize the possibilities. Nothing comes to fruition without embracing action. And because they know this, icons become true leaders.

Their leadership is not the watered-down version found in the mainstream. Icons innovate. They pioneer at an extreme level. They make decisions knowing that the world is watching, following and eager to trace the legacy they’re creating.

The Time Is Right For Icons

The world is hungry for authentic, bold, extraordinary ideas, and icons are the ones delivering. You can and should be among them. The opportunity is here for you to elevate your work and your brand, serve your ideal clients and take control of your legacy.

The first step is to summon the bravery to acknowledge your greatness. Recognize your inner icon. Own your audacious vision and unique ideas.

Breathe it all in. Own it. Do that, and you’re on the road to becoming iconic.

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